How Your Paid Search Campaigns Can Help Improve Your Shopping Campaigns And Vice-Versa.



Although shopping and search campaigns work differently, they still work on the same network, Google. People tend to think that one has nothing to do with the other, because shopping campaigns have no keywords for example, but the truth is that shopping and search have a lot similarities, one being that a shopping ad and a search ad for the same product may very well be triggered by the same search term a user types in Google. So how can one help improve the other?


Converting queries in shopping can be used as keywords in search.

Just because you can’t target keywords in shopping, doesn’t mean you can’t run query reports. Typically these query reports are used to add negative keywords to your shopping efforts to make sure your ads do not show up for searches you don’t want to be showing on.

However, you can also use these search reports to see which search terms brought the most traffic / conversions, and use them as keywords in your search campaigns.


Use top converting keywords in search to generate new product names / headlines / descriptions in your shopping feed.

Review your keywords and make the connection with your products. Filter the well-performing keywords, in terms of what your main objective is, conversions, traffic, etc… and make sure to adapt these search terms to your product titles or descriptions in your shopping feed. This will help on two levels:

  • Your product titles and descriptions will now use wording that has proven to connect with users
  • Your product ads could potentially show more frequently on searches that have proven to convert in the past

Overall this helps to align your Search success with your shopping efforts in order to get better performance out of your shopping campaigns.


Use your Ad copies to adjust your shopping feed

Similar to using top keywords to add to Product Names and Descriptions, using your description lines in your ad copies (using ad test findings) can be used to complete and optimize your product description in your shopping feed.

The idea here remains the same: Speak to the user in a consistent manner across Search and Shopping advertisements, and use winning wording in one area as a great starting point in another. Overall this is another good tactic that helps to use Search efforts in order to help your shopping campaigns.


A lot of companies separate their Search and Shopping campaigns as two opposed entities. Some consider Shopping to be a part of the Search efforts and treat both as equally important. At the end of the day segmenting them from a budgeting perspective may be the best route to take, but separating them completely can be very costly for your end goals as they help each other if you are using them in the right ways.